Whether you need a faucet repaired or a water softener installed, Lawrences Mechanical's skilled technicians can take care of you. We are equipped to service most plumbing jobs onsite with our fully stocked service vans.


Lawrences Mechanical has years of experience repairing furnaces and boilers for hot water heating applications. We can replace your boiler with standard or high efficiency technology.

Gas Fitting

Lawrences Mechanical has a full staff of certified gas fitters. We can install new gas lines to your barbeque, garage heater, gas stove or an entire restaurant. We also offer gas line re-testing and can repair gas leaks in your home or office.

Water Softeners

Edmonton water is very hard, testing between 13–16 grains per gallon of hardness. This means that your water pipes and appliances will have a heavy scale buildup, robbing the efficiency and decreasing water quality.

After adding a water softener in your home or building, we will run tests and adjust levels as needed, to achieve a result of less than 1 grain per gallon of hardness. Lawrences Mechanical is a firm believer in the positive benefits of soft water. Soft water cleans harder!

There are numerous benefits to soft water:

  • Your plumbing system will stay in top condition
  • Your water heater and kettles will operate at peak efficiency due to the lack of lime scale buildup
  • Soap and detergent usage will be cut in half
  • Shower doors and toilets will be cleaner longer—no more unsightly hard water stains
  • Clothes are softer, dishes sparkle, and showerheads spray like new
  • Your hair will be softer and more healthy looking
  • Soft water has also been shown to help skin conditions like eczema

Reverse Osmosis

Lawrences Mechanical installs top quality reverse osmosis drinking water systems, giving you bottle water quality at a fraction of the cost. It removes up to 99% of impurities from municipal water sources, improving the taste and odour of your drinking water through a dedicated faucet at your kitchen sink.

Do your part for the environment by installing this system to help keep water bottles out of the landfill.

Tankless Water Heaters

Lawrences Mechanical is an industry leader in tankless water heater service and installation. Tankless water heaters provide you with an endless supply of hot water, they are 50% more energy efficient than a regular water heater, and they increase floor space as they are mounted on a wall in the mechanical room.

Water Heaters

Lawrences Mechanical offers water heater replacements for you home or business. We offer standard and high efficiency water heaters from A.O. Smith and John Wood.


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